Routine - To-Do Manager App Reviews

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Beyond Frustrating

I really, really wanted to like this app. It is exactly what I am looking for - reusable templates for routine checklists. It allows for re-ordering of tasks with drag-and-drop functionality. Unfortunately, it is incredibly frustrating to use. Items keep disappearing or duplicating at will. And the drag-and-drop doesn’t “stick”. I finally deleted the app out of utter frustration.

Exactly what I was looking for

I was not able to activate my purchase on my iPhone 7. It took some doing but, working closely with the developer, the issue was resolved. The developer was awesome in responding. I love the simplicity of this App. It was exactly what I was looking for. Now that the ADs have dissappeared, it is pretty much perfect for me. It allows me to keep and organize template checklists that I use over and over again.

Brilliant + minimalist

I'd been looking for an app like this for over a year. All the others had stupid ads or had the right idea but bad execution for the user experience. Major props to the developers. I rarely write reviews and I've had the iPhone for 7 years (seen so many apps), but had to show my support for an app I genuinely believe is fantastic.

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